Category: Documentary

Pianoforte (2023) Watch Online


Director: Jakub Piątek
Year: 2023 Rating: 73
Genres: Documentary

Pianoforte (2023) Watch OnlineYoung pianists take part in the legendary International Chopin Piano Competition. A unique chance of a lifetime, portrayed from backstage and set to Chopin’s music.

Your Fat Friend (2024) Watch Online


Director: Jeanie Finlay
Year: 2024 Rating: 85
Genres: Documentary

Your Fat Friend (2024) Watch OnlineCharting Aubrey Gordon’s journey from anonymous blogger to NY Times bestselling author and podcast host, and the complexities of making change. It’s a film about […]

Dreamers (2024) Watch Online


Year: 2024 Rating: 60
Genres: Documentary

Dreamers (2024) Watch OnlineCarlos’ American dream is trapped in the labyrinth of the U.S. administration which refuses to legally recognise him. He arrived from Mexico as a child, yet he […]

Jane B. by Agnès V. (1988) Watch Online

JANE B. BY AGNÈS V. (1988)

Director: Agnès Varda
Year: 1988 Rating: 72

Jane B. by Agnès V. (1988) Watch OnlineThe interests, obsessions, and fantasies of two singular artists converge in this inspired collaboration between Agnès Varda and her longtime friend the actor […]

Beyond Utopia (2023) Watch Online


Director: Madeleine Gavin
Year: 2023 Rating: 80

Beyond Utopia (2023) Watch OnlineA courageous pastor uses his underground network to rescue and aid North Korean families as they risk their lives to embrace freedom.

Ennio (2022) Watch Online

ENNIO (2022)

Year: 2022 Rating: 83

Ennio (2022) Watch OnlineA portrait of Ennio Morricone, the most popular and prolific film composer of the 20th century, the one most loved by the international public, a two-time Oscar […]

Asteroid Hunters (2020) Watch Online


Director: W.D. Hogan
Year: 2020 Rating: 73
Genres: Documentary

Asteroid Hunters (2020) Watch OnlineVenture into deep space for a fascinating look at asteroids, their cosmic origins and the potential threat they pose to our world. Written and produced by […]

The Echo (2023) Watch Online

THE ECHO (2023)

Director: Tatiana Huezo
Year: 2023 Rating: 75
Genres: Documentary

The Echo (2023) Watch OnlineIn the remote village of El Echo that exists outside of time, the children care for the sheep and their elders. While the frost and drought […]

Pasang: In the Shadow of Everest (2024) Watch Online


Director: Nancy Svendsen
Year: 2024 Rating: 83
Genres: Documentary

Pasang: In the Shadow of Everest (2024) Watch OnlineTranscending cultural barriers and consistently going against the grain, female Nepali climber Pasang Lhamu Sherpa attempted to summit Everest four times in […]

Becoming Giulia (2024) Watch Online


Director: Laura Kaehr
Year: 2024 Rating: 72
Genres: Documentary

Becoming Giulia (2024) Watch OnlineGiulia Tonelli, principal dancer at the Zurich Opera House, returns from maternity leave. She has to fight to find her place and a new balance, between […]