Category: War

Blood & Gold (2023) Watch Online

BLOOD & GOLD (2023)

Director: Peter Thorwarth
Year: 2023 Rating: 67
Genres: Action, Drama, War

Blood & Gold (2023) Watch OnlineAt the end of World War II, a German soldier is looking for his daughter while an SS troop is looking for a Jewish treasure.

Warhorse One (2023) Watch Online


Year: 2023 Rating: 73
Genres: Action, Drama, War

Warhorse One (2023) Watch OnlineA gunned down Navy SEAL Master Chief must guide a child to safety through a gauntlet of hostile Taliban insurgents and survive the brutal Afghanistan wilderness.

Father & Soldier (2023) Watch Online


Year: 2023 Rating: 60
Genres: Drama, History, War

Father & Soldier (2023) Watch Online1917. Bakary Diallo enlists in the French army to join his 17-year-old son, Thierno, who has been forcibly recruited. Sent to the front, they will […]

Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms (2023) Watch Online


Director: Wuershan
Year: 2023 Rating: 73
Genres: Action, Fantasy, War

Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms (2023) Watch OnlineBased on the most well-known classical fantasy novel of China, Fengshenyanyi, the trilogy is a magnificent eastern high fantasy epic […]

Boudica (2023) Watch Online

BOUDICA (2023)

Year: 2023 Rating: 60
Genres: Action, War

Boudica (2023) Watch OnlineInspired by events in A.D. 60, Boudica follows the eponymous Celtic warrior who rules the Iceni people alongside her husband Prasutagus. When he dies at the hands […]

Ambush (2023) Watch Online

AMBUSH (2023)

Director: Mark Burman
Year: 2023 Rating: 65
Genres: Action, Thriller, War

Ambush (2023) Watch OnlineWhen a small outpost is ambushed, a US Army squad must take the battle below ground on a high-stakes mission in a new type of warfare the […]

Disco Boy (2023) Watch Online

DISCO BOY (2023)

Year: 2023 Rating: 64
Genres: Drama, War

Disco Boy (2023) Watch OnlineAfter a painful journey through Europe, Alex, the Belarusian, joins the Foreign Legion in France and clings to a confused hope of a European identity. Jomo, […]

Golda (2023) Watch Online

GOLDA (2023)

Director: Guy Nattiv
Year: 2023 Rating: 60

Golda (2023) Watch OnlineSet during the tense 19 days of the Yom Kippur War in 1973, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir is faced with the potential of Israel’s complete destruction. […]

The Pianist (2002) Watch Online


Director: Roman Polanski
Year: 2002 Rating: 85
Genres: Drama, War

The Pianist (2002) Watch OnlineThe true story of pianist Władysław Szpilman’s experiences in Warsaw during the Nazi occupation. When the Jews of the city find themselves forced into a ghetto, […]

The Great Escaper (2023) Watch Online


Director: Oliver Parker
Year: 2023 Rating: 70
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, War

The Great Escaper (2023) Watch OnlineIn the summer of 2014, a World War II veteran sneaks out of his care home to attend the 70th anniversary commemoration of the D-Day […]