HONG HAI XING DONG (2018) watch online free

Operation Red Sea (2018) Watch Online

HONG HAI XING DONG (2018) Watch Online Free

Director: Dante Lam
Year: 2018 Rating: 71

Operation Red Sea (2018) Watch Online
A squad of the Jiaolong Commando Unit – Sea Dragon, a spec ops team of the Chinese Navy, carries out a hostage rescue operation in the nation of Yewaire, on the Arabian Peninsula, and fiercely fights against local rebel groups and Zaka, a terrorist organization.

PLA Deniz Kuvvetleri , Hindistan’da bir rehine kurtarma operasyonu başlatır. Operasyonla birlikte ayaklanma ve terörizm dolu şiddetli bir savaşa başlar.

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