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Elaha (2023) Watch Online

ELAHA (2023)

Director: Milena Aboyan
Year: 2023 Rating: 75
Genres: Drama

Elaha (2023) Watch OnlineElaha, 22, believes she must restore her supposed innocence before she weds. A surgeon could reconstruct her hymen but she cannot afford such an operation. She asks […]

The Teachers’ Lounge (2023) Watch Online


Director: İlker Çatak
Year: 2023 Rating: 75
Genres: Drama

The Teachers’ Lounge (2023) Watch OnlineWhen one of her students is suspected of theft, teacher Carla Nowak decides to get to the bottom of the matter. Caught between her ideals […]

Les Misérables (2012) Watch Online


Director: Tom Hooper
Year: 2012 Rating: 75
Genres: Drama, History

Les Misérables (2012) Watch OnlineAn adaptation of the successful stage musical based on Victor Hugo’s classic novel set in 19th-century France, in which a paroled prisoner named Jean Valjean seeks […]

Slow (2023) Watch Online

SLOW (2023)

Year: 2023 Rating: 75
Genres: Drama, Romance

Slow (2023) Watch OnlineDancer Elena and sign language interpreter Dovydas meet and form a beautiful bond. As they dive into a new relationship, they must navigate how to build their […]

The Echo (2023) Watch Online

THE ECHO (2023)

Director: Tatiana Huezo
Year: 2023 Rating: 75
Genres: Documentary

The Echo (2023) Watch OnlineIn the remote village of El Echo that exists outside of time, the children care for the sheep and their elders. While the frost and drought […]

Housekeeping for Beginners (2024) Watch Online


Director: Goran Stolevski
Year: 2024 Rating: 75
Genres: Comedy, Drama

Housekeeping for Beginners (2024) Watch OnlineDita never wanted to be a mother, but circumstances force her to raise her girlfriend’s two daughters, tiny troublemaker Mia and rebellious teen Vanesa. A […]

Ancika: Dia yang Bersamaku 1995 (2024) Watch Online


Director: Benni Setiawan
Year: 2024 Rating: 75
Genres: Drama, Romance

Ancika: Dia yang Bersamaku 1995 (2024) Watch OnlineFriendship between Dilan and Ancika Mehrunisa Rabu. Their increasingly close relationship made the seeds of love grow and their relationship rose to the […]

The Taste of Things (2023) Watch Online


Director: Tran Anh Hung
Year: 2023 Rating: 75
Genres: Drama, Romance

The Taste of Things (2023) Watch OnlineSet in France in 1889, the film follows the life of Dodin Bouffant as a chef living with his personal cook and lover Eugénie. […]

La Chimera (2023) Watch Online


Year: 2023 Rating: 75

La Chimera (2023) Watch OnlineJust out of jail and still searching for his late beloved Beniamina, crumpled English archaeologist Arthur reconnects with his wayward crew of tombaroli accomplices – a […]

13 Bombs (2023) Watch Online

13 BOMBS (2023)

Year: 2023 Rating: 75

13 Bombs (2023) Watch OnlineAn organization races against time to uncover the mastermind behind the placement of 13 bombs in Jakarta before the city falls into chaos.