THE KING IS ALIVE (2000) watch online free

The King Is Alive (2000) Watch Online

THE KING IS ALIVE (2000) Watch Online Free

Year: 2000 Rating: 64
Genres: Drama

The King Is Alive (2000) Watch Online
Stranded in the heat of a barren African desert, eleven bus-passengers shelter in the remnants of an abandoned town. As rescue grows more remote by the day and anxiety deepens, an idea emerges: why not stage a play. However the choice of King Lear only manages to plunge this disparate group of travelers into turmoil as they struggle to overcome both nature’s wrath and their own morality.

11 kişi bir afrika çölünde kaybolur ve terkedilmiş bir kasaba bulurlar. burada Sheakespeare’in Kral Lear adlı eserini oynamaya karar verirler.

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